Appendix G. Rexx/Tk Functions

The following table lists the standard Rexx/Tk functions. The table is reproduced from the Rexx/Tk documentation at For further details, please see the Rexx/Tk home page at:

Rexx/Tk Function

Tcl/Tk Command

The Rexx/Tk library is distributed under the LGPL.

TkActivate(PathName, index)

activate command in various widgets

TkAdd(pathName, type [,options...])

menu add



TkBbox(pathName [,arg...])

bbox command in various widgets

TkBind(tag [,sequence [,[+|*]command]]])


TkButton(pathName [,options...])


TkCanvas(pathName [,options...])


TkCanvasAddtag(pathName, tag [,searchSpec [,arg])

canvas addtag

TkCanvasArc(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [,options...])

canvas create arc

TkCanvasBind(pathName, tagOrId [,sequence [,[+|*]command]])

canvas bind

TkCanvasBitmap(pathName, x, y [,options...])

canvas create bitmap

TkCanvasCanvasx(pathName, screenx [,gridspacing])

canvas canvasx

TkCanvasCanvasy(pathName, screeny [,gridspacing])

canvas canvasy

TkCanvasCoords(pathName, tagOrId [,x0, y0, ...])

canvas coords

TkCanvasDchars(pathName, tagOrId, first [,last])

canvas dchars

TkCanvasDtag(pathName, tagOrId [,deleteTagOrId])

canvas dtag

TkCanvasDelete(pathName [,tagOrId [,tagOrId...]])

canvas delete

TkCanvasFind(pathName, searchCommand [,arg...])

canvas find

TkCanvasFocus(pathName [,tagOrId])

canvas focus

TkCanvasImage(pathName, x, y [,option...])

canvas create image

TkCanvasLine(pathName, ...

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