Chapter 30. NetRexx


NetRexx is an object-oriented Rexx-like language designed to bring the ease of use associated with Rexx to the Java environment. Like Java, it can be used to create applets, scripts that run within a Web browser, and applications, programs run from the command line. It also brings Rexx to the world of server-side Java, in the form of servlet programming and dynamic Java Server Pages. You can even write Java Beans in NetRexx, components that fit into Java's reusable component architecture.

NetRexx scripts compile into Java byte code. They seamlessly use Java classes and create classes that can be used by either Java or NetRexx programs. NetRexx offers an alternative language in the Java environment, one that can be intermixed in any manner and to any degree with Java programs. The goal is to bring the ease of use, maintainability, and reliability of Rexx to the Java environment.

NetRexx is not a superset of classic Rexx. In this it differs from object-oriented Rexx interpreters like Kilowatt Software's roo! and the Rexx Language Association's Open Object Rexx. But NetRexx is similar enough to classic Rexx that programmers can pick it up quickly. To port classic Rexx scripts to NetRexx, use a utility like Rexx2Nrx, the free classic Rexx to NetRexx automated conversion tool.

This chapter briefly summarizes the purpose and highlights of the NetRexx language.

Why NetRexx?

NetRexx is very different in its goals as opposed to either classic or object-oriented Rexx ...

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