Chapter 4

What Makes Up an RFID Network

In This Chapter

bullet Understanding the basic components of an RFID network

bullet Connecting your hardware with middleware

bullet Learning the origins of radio frequency

bullet Understanding resonance frequency

I f this book is your first bit of reading on the topic of radio frequency identification, this chapter serves to ground you in the basics of radio frequency technology and how it came around to tracking small tags through the supply chain. If you’ve been inundated with press about the newest and most disruptive technology in decades, this chapter is your reality check. This chapter walks you through some of the basics of good old-fashioned physics and the laws that God created for science.

In this chapter, I describe the elements of an RFID network. The description starts with basic RFID components and moves step by step to a full Web-enabled supply chain network. This step-by-step approach helps you understand how a single tag the size of a quarter can grow into a global supply chain technology that is capable of saving billions of dollars. The RFID network ...

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