9.3. Implementation Notes

This section makes several suggestions based on experience gathered from implementing real-world RFID systems. The suggestions are free-form and are listed here without any order of priority:

  • Test, test, and test.

  • Analysis first, hands-on next.

  • Avoid scope creep.

  • Need for multiple tag checkpoints.

  • Composition relationships are important.

  • Never overlook tag validation.

  • Include expectation management.

  • Remote monitoring and management capabilities are essential.

  • Time process changes.

  • Comply with regulations.

  • Need for patience and hard work.

  • Unexpected benefits.

  • Involve smart people.

The following subsections explain what these mean.

9.3.1. Test, Test, and Test

An RFID system should be tested as thoroughly as possible, and then some. ...

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