Chapter XV. Cool Web Sites

Cool Web Sites

I hope you learned a lot from reading this book, and I hope you had a lot of fun. But the HDR learning and fun does not have to stop here.

This chapter features some cool web sites for additional HDR—and general photography—learning.

While reading this chapter, keep in mind that you can get discounts on some HDR programs and plug-ins at the Plug-In Experience:

On this page is a screen grab of the Topaz Labs web site. Topaz makes more than Topaz Adjust, as you see. Read about the cool plug-ins, because they can expand your photographic vision, too.

True HDR Plug-in Sites

True HDR Plug-in Sites

Photomatix and HDR PhotoStudio are true HDR programs. I have not used HDR PhotoStudio (because it was not available at the time of this writing), but I have since heard good things about it.

As you know, I have used Photomatix, and I love it!

Favorite Plug-in Sites

Favorite Plug-in Sites

No, onOne software and Nik Software don't offer HDR plug-ins (at the time of this writing, anyway). However, they do offer cool plug-ins that let you expand your HDR and non-HDR imaging techniques.

My Web Site

Hey, I hope you can stop by my web site, You'll find lots of articles ...

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