Post Script Learn by Questioning

Post Script Learn by Questioning

Up until now, I have offered suggestions on how to create true and pseudo HDR images. In fact, I've shared everything I know about HDR photography ... and some of what I know about photography in general.

Now, I'd like to turn it over to you. I want to use a teaching technique that I learned when I first started taking pictures. The technique: Look at a picture and try to figure out how it was created. It's actually a great way to learn. What's more, beyond this page, there is no text on the pages to distract you.

Look at the following 18 pictures. I took all of them in Miami's South Beach and at the magical Magic Beach Motel in St. Augustine, Florida. Question each picture. Ask yourself: Is it a true or pseudo HDR image? Was Topaz Adjust added? Was a plug-in effect added? What Photoshop adjustments—selective or global—might have been used? How many exposures might have been taken? What lens was used? How was a sense of depth created? Did the time of day or indoor lighting conditions affect the image? How was the vivid or subtle color achieved?

As the saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive." In this case, you'll receive additional insight to how your own HDR images can be created.

The first 13 pictures were taken in South Beach. The last five were taken at the Magic Beach Motel.

As with the Preface to this book, I will end this Post Script with the original ...

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