Object shape representation via skeletal models (s-reps) and statistical analysis

Stephen M. Pizera,d; Junpyo Honga,d; Jared Vicorya,d; Zhiyuan Liua,d; J.S. Marrona,d; Hyo-young Choia,e; James Damona,e; Sungkyu Jungc,e; Beatriz Paniaguaa,e; Jörn Schulzb,e; Ankur Sharmaa,e; Liyun Tua,e; Jiyao Wanga,e    aUNC, Chapel Hill, NC, United StatesbArctic University of Norway, Tromsø, NorwaycSeoul National University, Seoul, Republic of KoreadPrincipal coauthors of this chapter.eContributors of important material to this chapter.


Skeletal models that are structurally medial provide effective object representations. This is because they include not only locations but also boundary directions and object widths. We present a skeletal object representation ...

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