Chapter 29

Doug Casey on the Royal Wedding

June 15, 2011

Louis: Hola Doug, what’s on your mind this week? The woes of the Middle East, since you’re on your way there?

Doug: I’m “wheels up” tomorrow evening for something of a whirlwind visit to Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, and Dubai. So that’s on my mind. But at the moment, I want to talk about the disgraceful spectacle of the royal wedding, before everyone forgets about it.

L: You mean that cleric who did cartwheels down the aisle after the ceremony? I thought it was rather amusing, myself.

D: Well, it’s nice to see the thing treated with the lack of respect it deserves, but that’s entirely too rare. The whole thing makes me roll my eyes. It’s an affront to the human spirit. It’s degrading, the way the masses fawn over these so-called royals, as though they were superior beings. Royalty have claimed to be superior for centuries. They’re not superior. In fact, they’re unworthy of respect.

L: Gee Doug, you’re beating around the bush again.

D: It’s important to call a spade a spade, to say the emperor has no clothes, as in the old fairy tale. It’s maddening and disappointing to see how people are awed by pomp and circumstance. There are estimates that a billion people around the world took time out of their lives to watch two people they don’t know, and have no meaningful connection with, make promises to each other they probably won’t keep. Didn’t they learn anything from the union of jug-eared Charles with dim-witted Diana? Why are royals ...

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