Chapter 34

Doug Casey on Immigration

May 19, 2010

Louis: So, Doug, a while back there was a big furor among many people, including some of your libertarian friends, about the new immigration law—or anti-illegal-immigration law—passed by the state of Arizona. We had other fish to fry at the time, and then the markets got all jittery, but I know you have thoughts on the subject of immigration, so let ’er rip—what do you make of all this?

Doug: I think it’s incumbent upon a free person to go anywhere he or she wants.

L: And that they have every right to do so, without restriction?

D: Absolutely. Everyone should be able to travel, whether they’re coming or going, without the approval of a state. As I’m sure you’re aware, it was only 100 years ago that almost anybody, from almost anywhere, could go almost anywhere else, without a passport.

L: The good old days.

D: At least from that point of view. In a free society, all property is privately owned. Immigrants, like other travelers, would only have to make sure they have a place to lay their heads down at night. And don’t trespass on others property.

L: Some people might argue that it was different back then because travel was long, arduous, and expensive, so you wouldn’t get masses of poor and poorly educated people flooding into rich countries the way you would today. The world is a different and far more dangerous place today, and such idealistic policies from the past are no longer workable.

D: Well, they would be wrong. Anyone who ...

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