Chapter 7Evolve to Right-Time Experiences in Three Phases

I've talked about how mobile, big data, and cloud computing are altering the business landscape. To thrive—or simply survive—in this new terrain, enterprises need a business process and technology transformation strategy. Different companies in different industries need to understand how these technologies can provide new business opportunities. We frequently call this “the art of the possible.” Senior management should be saying to themselves, “What business processes do we need to change? How do we provide the right information at the right time for our customers, employees, partners, stakeholders? These are different from the experiences we offer today because of behavioral and technology changes within the market. If we don't capitalize on the options that are available to use today, someone else will, and we'll find ourselves in a profitless desert.”

Leaders need to plan for a range of scenarios, abandoning assumptions about where competition and risk could come from. In many ways, business leaders need to be fearless and look beyond long-established models. Organizations will also need to keep their employees' skills up-to-date and routinely evaluate the potential benefits of emerging technologies and the risks they may pose.

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is that technologies provide the opportunity and the need to change our business processes. For example, the move to mobile isn't ...

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