6Community and Team Building Rituals

A community ritual can help build a shared identity through symbols, stories, and history making. These then can become reference points for people to draw on core values and feel connected.

Rituals can also be key for better meetings. They can bring humor, surprise, and meaning to routine work, to bring the best out of coworkers. They can help bring people into sync, get more productive, and build stronger empathy.

When Would You Use a Community and Team Building Ritual?

Drawing of the face of a smiling man.


+ Create an identity to foster sense of belonging

+ Increase empathy among team members

+ Share personal stories to increase bonding

Drawing of a group of six people, three males and three females.


+ Celebrate holidays across geographies

+ Increase team bond across offices

+ Create connections among distributed teams

+ Sync up teammates, firing their exploratory mindset

Drawing of the façade of a multistoried building, with a tree at each side.


+ Create a shared memory to cultivate identity

+ Recognize civic service to the wider community

+ Break down silos among teams and departments

10 Community and Team Building Rituals

  • 31 The Pinning Ceremony

    Create a Shared Identity and a Sense of Belonging

  • 32 The Remote Holiday Party

    Celebrate to Build Shared Culture Across ...

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