CHAPTER 5Awe of the Stars

  • He studies hard,
  • And recites easy.
  • No matter what’s up,
  • He’s always busy.

Poem about BOB GREENLEAFfrom the 1921 WILEY HIGHSchool yearbook, The Red Pepper.

When Bob’s Aunt and Uncle Parkhurst visited Terre Haute again in 1917, they took a renewed interest in their 13-year-old nephew, and invited him to ride back to Marengo, Illinois to spend the summer. He immediately accepted, and this time he got to ride in a “modern” automobile that carried him north to exposure to another universe:

This was my first venture into the “educated” world, a radical break from the working class environment that had surrounded me up to that time. With the introduction of photography, astronomy was 56 burgeoning at that time and the ...

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