More Detailed Search

You can also do a more detailed search of your hard disk, called a “narrower” search. You need to open the actual Search window for this; you can’t do it in the Search box in the Toolbar.

To open the “Find” window:

  • Either: Single-click the word “Search” directly below the Search box.

  • Or: In the Finder, press Command F.

  • Or: In the Finder, go to the File menu and choose “Find....”

  • Or: If your Search box is not visible in the Toolbar, single-click the double-arrows at the end of the Toolbar and choose “Search.”

  • Or: Customize your Toolbar (see page 15) and replace the Search box with the “Find” icon, which looks like a magnifying glass. When you click on the Find icon, it brings up the dialog box shown below.

First, decide where ...

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