Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate Tables.


Acoustic beamforming problem 241–245
Acoustic factorization 
for deep neural network (DNN) 160–162, 161f, 162f
framework 157, 158f
for Gaussian mixture models (GMM) 157–160
Acoustic impulse response (AIR) 43–44
reverberant speech recognition 206–211, 207f
Acoustic transfer functions (ATFs) 208–209, 244, 245
Actual speech signals 2
Advanced front-end (AFE) 138–139
Artificial neural network (ANN) 71–72
Asynchronous stochastic gradient descent (ASGD) algorithm 30–31
Auditory-based features 67–69, 68f
Aurora database 41–43
Autoencoder (AE)  ...

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