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AssemblyLine The basic work object within a
Server. It consists of Connectors, Parsers and
business logic. Connectors feed data in and out of
the AssemblyLine.
AssemblyLine Pool A pool of identical threads
that can be used to increase efficiency and where
reuse strategy can be configured.
Attribute Contained in Entries and holding Values
(single or multiple). See also Task Parameters.
Attribute Mapping Mapping of Attributes from the
data source to the AssemblyLine. To be more
precise this is mapping from the raw Connector
attributes to the work Entry. Attribute mapping is
done either in the Input Map tab or the Output Map
tab (depends of the mode of the Connector).
CloudScape See System Store.
Components The IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
consists of a kernel being the Server, and the IBM
Tivoli Directory Integrator Config Editor. In addition,
we talk about components such as Connectors,
EventHandlers, Script Components, Function
Components, Conditional Components and Parsers.
These can, to a certain extent, be distributed and
upgraded independent of the kernel.
Computed Changes A special feature of the
Update mode of a Connector.
Connector A plug-in into your data source in
order to read it. Inside the AssemblyLine we differ
between the Raw Connector object and the
AssemblyLine Connector object, the latter wrapping
the former and having a different set of methods.
See "Objects" in IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator 6.0:
Reference Guide for more information about objects.
Connectors can work in different modes (for
example, Iterate, Delete, Update, AddOnly, Lookup
and CallReply).
Delta A special term in Iterator mode, used when
synchronizing a master and a slave. See "Deltas and
compute changes" in IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
6.0: Users Guide.
Distinguished Name (DN) In LDAP terms the
fully qualified name of an object in the directory. It is
usually written in a format known as the User
Friendly Name (UFN). The name is a sequence of
(RDNs) separated by a single comma ( , ).
Entry A term used for both the Entry object and
the top level item used by the AssemblyLine and
Connectors (see "Connectors" in IBM Tivoli
Directory Integrator 6.0: Reference Guide). An entry
typically corresponds to a row in a database
table/view, a record from a file or an object in a
directory. Entries contain Attributes which contains
Values. For example, an Iterator might return the
next person (the Entry), having the attributes city,
name and phone. The values of the three attributes
might be London, Holmes and 5632.
Epilog A piece of code that, if present, is run after
the AssemblyLine data flow ends. It typically saves a
parameter to be used the next time the
AssemblyLine runs. See "AssemblyLine setting tab"
in IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator 6.0: Reference
Guide. See also Prolog.

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