The media engagement framework (MEF) includes a segment under social media that addresses the role of the individual in the social media mix. Individuals participating in social media are an important part of the marketer's target audience. Individuals participate in social media for a variety of reasons. Their participation and engagement is measured by the time they spend on various websites, the engagement level and the behaviors they exhibit there. The goal of the marketer is to develop a relationship with these individuals in such a way that that some level of engagement translates into more engagement overall and into some individuals becoming consumers, making purchases or influencers writing positive messages about the brand, or by sheer volume of conversation increasing the rankings in search.


Individuals make up all consumers, non-consumers, influencers and non-influencers. They are important to a marketer because they may be, or may become, a consumer or an influencer or their participation in a social community or social marketing activity may lead others to become aware of that social marketing activity or make it more enticing. The authors have often asked the question, “Is it better that only a subset of target consumers are aware of some social media activity or is it better that many individuals including a same sized subset of target consumers are aware of some social media activity?” ...

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