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Roll! Shooting TV News

Book Description

Roll! Shells fly overhead as night-scopes capture deadly fire fights with an eerie green hue, a category 5 hurricane devastates the Big Easy, hidden cameras enter a Cambodian village of brothels and a veteran journalist interviews himself throughout his own brain surgery. Part non-fiction drama, part trade publication, part text book, all woven together giving the reader a look through the viewfinders of the very best television photojournalists.

As 19 experts weigh in with their candid, personal stories and photographic tips, it's as if you're over their shoulders, following their intuitions and hearing their thoughts as they shoot. The trade term for what they do is called ENG (Electronic News Gathering) and whether they're called Cameramen, Backpack Journalists, Television Photographers or any other moniker de jour, they're all paid to bring the world's events into living rooms around the world. These are the men and women who capture the bleeding edge of history - as it happens.

Written in a smooth, unique interview style, this book is a necessary read for photojournalists, videographers and tv photojournalists.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Dedication
  4. Title
  5. Copyright
  6. Contents
  7. Credits
  8. Preface
  9. Chapter 1 Introduction: The History of Television Photojournalism from the Beginning
  10. Chapter 2 John DeTarsio: A Storyteller’s Story
    1. Take 2: Storytelling
  11. Chapter 3 Larry Hatteberg: The Chain of Command
  12. Chapter 4 Eric Kehe:The Photographic Department—People and Equipment
    1. Take 2: The Language of Lenses
  13. Chapter 5 Stephen Hooker: Camera Techniques for Spot News
    1. Take 2: The Shot and Camera Motion
  14. Chapter 6 Christian Parkinson: General News—From Kings to Commoners
  15. Chapter 7 Ray Farkas: Interviews—Talking Heads and Voyeurism
    1. Take 2: Composition
  16. Chapter 8 Corky Scholl: Feature Stories—B-Roll, Sequencing, and Great Moments
  17. Chapter 9 Lisa Berglund: Truth and Filmmaking—Objective and Subjective Camerawork
  18. Chapter 10 Ian Pearson: Legalities and Ethics—Do the Right Thing
  19. Chapter 11 Mitchell Wagenberg: Covert Camera—The Fangs of the Fourth Estate
  20. Chapter 12 Heidi McGuire: The One-Woman Band
  21. Chapter 13 Greg Stickney: Live—What TV News Does Best
  22. Chapter 14 Sam Allen: Get into the Game—Athletic Photography
  23. Chapter 15 Brian Weister: Editing—A Cut Above
  24. Chapter 16 Mike Elwell: Embedded—War Coverage
  25. Chapter 17 Bart Noonan: World Coverage—From the Top Down
  26. Chapter 18 David Hands: Freelancing in TV News
  27. Chapter 19 Rustin Thompson: From News to Independent Documentaries
  28. Chapter 20 Kevin Sites: The Future of Journalism
  29. Parting Shots
    1. Afterword
  30. Appendix A High-definition Versus Standard-definition Video Formats
  31. Appendix B Setting up a Video Monitor
  32. Appendix C The Power of Lighting
  33. Appendix D Sound
  34. Notes and Resources
  35. Index