The pickup action

Once we have the grasping poses, we can use the MoveIt! /pickup action server to send a goal passing all of them. As before, we will create an action client:

# Create move group 'pickup' action client: 
self._pickup_ac = SimpleActionClient('/pickup', PickupAction) 
if not self._pickup_ac.wait_for_server(rospy.Duration(5.0)): 
    rospy.logerr('Pick up action client not available!') 
    rospy.signal_shutdown('Pick up action client not available!') 

Then, we will try to pick up the can of Coke as many times as needed until we finally do it:

# Pick Coke can object: 
while not self._pickup(self._arm_group, self._grasp_object_name,  self._grasp_object_width): 
    rospy.logwarn('Pick up failed! Retrying ...') 

Inside the ...

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