Loading multiple AIML files

We have seen how to load a single AIML file to memory and retrieve response for a user input. In this section, we are going to see how to load multiple AIML files to memory; we are going to use these files for our AIML-based bots. Various AIML datasets are available on the Web, and some are also included in the code bundle. Given here is a file called startup.xml that helps us load all AIML files in a single run. It's a simple AIML file with a pattern called LOAD AIML B. When it gets this input from the user, it will learn all AIML files in that path using <learn>*.aiml</learn> tags:

 <aiml version="1.0"> <category> <pattern>LOAD AIML B</pattern> <template> <!-- Load standard AIML set --> <learn>*.aiml</learn> ...

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