The start_speech_chat.launch launch file will start the AIML server, AIML TTS node, and speech recognition node:

      <param name="aiml_path" 
    value="/home/robot/ros_robotics_projects_ws/src/ros_aiml/data" /> 
      <node name="aiml_server" pkg="ros_aiml" type="" 
      <include file="$(find sound_play)/soundplay_node.launch">
      <node name="aiml_tts" pkg="ros_aiml" type="" 
      <node name="aiml_speech_recog" pkg="ros_aiml" 
    type="" output="screen"> 

After creating the launch file, change its permission using the following command:

    $ sudo chmod +x *.launch

Use the following command to start interacting ...

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