How to control Crazyflie

As you have seen throughout this book, the cmd_vel topic (the geometry_msgs/Twist message) is the common control method for ROS robots, whether driving on the ground or flying in the air. For TurtleBot, mobile_base_commands/velocity and cmd_vel_mux/input/navi are used to move around the base. For Crazyflie, the crazyflie/cmd_vel topic is published to control the flight of the quadrotor.

Within the crazyflie_autonomous package, the crazyflie_controller node ( determines the Crazyflie's control state and publishes the crazyflie/cmd_vel topic. To launch the crazyflie_controller node, the control_crazyflie.launch file is used. This launch file also launches the crazyflie_window node that observes the Crazyflie ...

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