Integrating Capybara with RSpec

Let's turn our irb session into an RSpec spec to finish our initial tour of Capybara. We'll put the contents into a file called smithsonian_spec.rb that looks like this:

require 'capybara/rspec' Capybara.current_driver = :selenium # switch to chrome based on environment variable. e.g.: # $ BROWSER=chrome rspec smithsonian_spec.rb if ENV['BROWSER'] == 'chrome' Capybara.register_driver :selenium do |app|, browser: :chrome) end # use poltergeist headless driver/browser based on environment variable, e.g. # $ BROWSER=poltergeist rspec smithsonian_spec.rb elseif ENV['BROWSER'] == 'poltergeist' puts "Using poltergeist headless driver..." require 'capybara/poltergeist' Capybara.register_driver ...

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