Appendix E. Configuration File Reference

All of the configuration directives you can use in your etc/ file are listed in this appendix.

Remember, never edit Instead, add to and edit there.

Base Configuration


$rtname is the string that RT looks for in-mail messages to figure out to which ticket a new piece of mail belongs.

Your domain name is recommended, so as not to pollute the namespace. Once you start using a given tag, you should probably never change it—otherwise, mail for existing tickets won’t get put in the right place.

    Set($rtname, "");

This regexp controls what subject tags RT recognizes as its own. Be very careful with it. Note that it overrides $rtname.

If you’re not dealing with historical $rtname values, you’ll likely never have to enable this feature:

    Set($EmailSubjectTagRegex, qr/\Q$rtname\E/);

You should set this to your organization’s DNS domain, for example, or The linking interface uses it to guarantee that ticket URIs are unique and easy to construct.

   Set($Organization, "");

$MinimumPasswordLength defines the minimum length for user passwords. Setting it to 0 disables this check.

    Set($MinimumPasswordLength, "5");

$Timezone is used to convert times entered by users into GMT and back again. It should be set to standard Unix timezone.

    Set($Timezone, 'US/Eastern');

Database Configuration ...

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