Chapter 12. More Model Magic

In This Chapter

  • Validating input

  • Creating relationships between database tables

  • Creating forms with check boxes, drop‐down lists, and more

My next book is entitled Lucid Dreaming For Dummies. The book is about dreams in which I know that I'm dreaming.

In one chapter, I can't pay the check at a fancy restaurant. Instead of becoming upset, I remind myself that the restaurant isn't real, and that if I wake up, I'll avoid any possible embarrassment.

In another chapter, I walk into a crowded room. I tell everyone to leave immediately because they're in my dream and they don't belong there.

In yet another, I ask someone what it's like to be a character in my dream. He replies that he doesn't know because he's not a real person. I remind him that he's part of my mind, so I can answer the question on his behalf. He challenges me to do so. I become angry. I decide that in future dreams, I'll be giving my characters much less independence.

The list of good chapters goes on and on. Strangely enough, Wiley Publishing hasn't yet approved the project.

Blogging Your Dreams

Every good book comes with a good Web site. So to accompany my Lucid Dreaming For Dummies book, I have a site on which people can post descriptions of their dreams. In an unusual moment of cleverness, I named the site

Using Ruby on Rails, you can re‐create the TextfieldOfDreams site. Follow the usual steps in creating a Rails application. (For details, see Chapter 3.) In this chapter's ...

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