Chapter 14. Ten (Times Two) Great Web Sites

In This Chapter

  • Finding documentation and other resources

  • Getting sample code

  • Reading the latest Ruby on Rails news

  • Taking part in the ongoing discussion

Ten Web sites? Twenty Web sites? What's the difference?

This chapter lists a bunch of useful Web sites. Each Web site has resources to help you use Ruby on Rails more effectively. And as far as I know, none of these sites use adware, pop‐ups, or other grotesque things.

Ten Ruby Sites

I divide this chapter into two sections — a Ruby section and a Rails section. I put the Ruby section first because “Ruby” comes first alphabetically. ( . . . Or maybe “Ruby” doesn't come first. Whatever!)


When I describe the Ruby language, the phrase “plentiful documentation” doesn't come rushing out of my mouth. But this Web site does a good job documenting Ruby's standard libraries. In addition, the site's frame‐based Web interface is easy to use.

Open source Ruby projects

Developers add their open source projects to this vast repository. If you want some Ruby code and you don't feel like reinventing the wheel, check this Web site first.

Starting points for Ruby resources

These sites have links to all things Ruby. Visit these sites for FAQs, wikis, downloads, articles, and more. (Sure, this paragraph describes three Web sites. Not one. But who's counting?)

Discussing Ruby

If you have an opinion, need ...

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