Visualize with Ruby-Prof Printers

Ruby-prof can generate several types of human-readable reports. I find three of them to be the most useful: flat, call graph, and call stack reports. (You can see the full list in the ruby-prof documentation.)[10] Each serves a different purpose. But we’re learning by example here, and to show them to you, I’ll need a more sophisticated example to profile.

require ​'date'
require ​'rubygems'
require ​'ruby-prof'
# This generates CSV like
# 1, John McTest, 1980-07-01
# 2, Peter McGregor, 1985-12-23
# 3, Sylvia McIntosh, 1989-06-13
def​ generate_test_data ​do​ |i|
name = [​"John"​, ​"Peter"​, ​"Sylvia"​][rand(3)] + ​" "​ +
[​"McTest"​, ​"McGregor"​, ​"McIntosh" ...

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