Chapter 11. Simple CGI Forms

There are many ways to do CGI with Ruby. For small tasks, I have found that erb/eruby with the cgi module is the simplest, so that’s what I use for the rest of this section. The easiest way to get eruby working is to install mod_ruby (and you get a speed boost, to boot!) After mod_ruby is installed, you need to add some code to your Apache configuration to get it interpreting .rhtml files as eruby files.

<IfModule mod_ruby.c>
    RubyRequire apache/eruby-run

    <Files *.rhtml>
        SetHandler ruby-object
        RubyHandler Apache::ERubyRun.instance

The preceding code causes Apache to use mod_ruby’s special ERubyRun mode to parse any .rhtml file. .rhtml files are similar to ASP or PHP in that they are normal HTML files ...

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