Chapter 2. The King and His String

A Short Yarn

The King was in a foul mood. I mean a truly terrible, scream-at-the-cat, throw-a-snowglobe-out-a-third-story-window kind of mood. If you saw him rumbling toward you down the sidewalk, you would quickly change sides of the street. If he were your dad, you would write letters to Santa year-round asking for a replacement dad. Really, it was capital-B Bad News Bears for everyone.

The thing is, the King had lost his favorite possession that morning, somewhere between eating his usual breakfast of parched oats and his pre-late-afternoon vigorous stroll. He had turned his palace upside-down (literally: the King had a lot of money and a lot of servants), but to no avail. When Scarlet and Ruben found him, he ...

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