Chapter 3. Pipe Dreams

The Apprentice Plumber’s Dilemma

The King, Scarlet, and Ruben made their way back from the Royal Bathroom, the King gleefully batting his string about like a big, beardy cat.

“All those waterworks for a string in a shower!” Scarlet said to the King. “I hope you’re feeling better now.”

“Much,” said the King, spinning the beads and trinkets on his string every which way.

“Speaking of waterworks,” said Ruben, “do you hear that?” And as they rounded the corner and reentered the King’s study, they found themselves ankle-deep in a miniature lake. There was water, water everywhere!

“The Mysterious Pipe!” cried the King. “Look!” And he pointed to the Mysterious Pipe, which was shaking violently and gushing a surprising amount of water ...

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