Chapter 4. Staying in the Loop

Ruby on Monorails

“Well,” said the King, “all this adventuring’s gotten me as hungry as a lumberjack. And I haven’t eaten anything since my breakfast of parched oats!”

“It’s about lunchtime,” said Ruben. “What’s there to eat?”

“Nothing here,” said the King gloomily. “I’m afraid I pretty much wrecked the Royal Kitchen and Royal Pantry when I turned the palace upside-down looking for my string, and I don’t think the cooks have quite gotten everything back in order yet.”

“We can go out!” said Scarlet. “I’m sure there are good places to eat in the kingdom outside the palace walls.”

The King nodded vigorously. “Of course!” he said. “We’ll take the Loop to the Hashery. It’s my favorite restaurant!”

“What’s the Loop?” asked Scarlet. ...

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