Chapter 5. Array of Sunshine and Hash on the Range

Big Hank’s Hashery

“Morning, Your Majesty!” boomed a voice from deep inside the Hashery.

“Good morning, Big Hank!” said the King.

“Big Hank?” asked Ruben. “Who’s Big Hank?”

An enormous man with a bald head and a curly black mustache emerged from the back of the restaurant. “I am!” he said.

image with no caption

The King shook Hank’s hand vigorously. “Great to see you, Hank! We had a doodle of a time getting here—the Loop was acting up—but I can’t wait to sit down to a fine meal of your best hash.”

Big Hank frowned, and his mustache drooped noticeably. “The Loop’s gone loopy?” he asked. “I wish I could say I were surprised. ...

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