Chapter 6. The (Chunky) Bacon to Ruby’s Hash


“That hash was amazing!” Scarlet said. Ruben nodded vigorously as he shoveled another helping of eggs and hash into his mouth.

“I’m glad you liked it!” said Big Hank. “But that mid-morning rush’ll be here any minute, and we need to get cracking if we’re going to be ready for it.”

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Scarlet jumped down from her stool. “We have eggs to fry up, potatoes to grate, sausages to cook, breakfast gravy to make, and biscuits to bake. Anything else?”

Hank twirled his mustache. “I’m not sure,” he said. “Let’s have a look at that menu you kids and Squeaky Jim cooked up.”

“Sure!” Scarlet said, and she called up the ...

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