Chapter 7. The Magic of Methods and Blocks

A Method to the Madness

“I think that’s the last of it!” Squeaky Jim said, sweeping a pile of stray hash into his dustpan. “That was some mid-morning rush!”

“I’ll say,” said Big Hank. He hefted a huge green compost bag onto his shoulder and grinned at the King, Scarlet, and Ruben. “Thanks for all your help today! We’d have been in a terrible pickle if you all hadn’t been here to lend a hand.”

“Our pleasure!” said Ruben, who was packing three to-go boxes of hash and eggs. “The food here is terrific!”

“Definitely!” said Scarlet. “Will you be okay for the lunch crowd? We had a lot of fun, and we can help some more if you need it.”

Hank laughed as he tossed bag after bag into the kitchen’s enormous compost bin. ...

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