Chapter 9. Inheriting the Magic of Ruby

Her Majesty’s Menagerie

The King, Ruben, and Scarlet raced westward along the underground passage toward the castle.

“How much farther?” panted Ruben.

“I’m not sure,” said the King, “but Wherefore told us to go as far as we could, and then we’d be at the Mysterious Pipe.” He thought for a moment. “It can’t be too far, though,” he said at last. “These are the Ambrose Caverns, and while they stretch beneath the entire kingdom, I know Haldo has managed to get between the castle and places farther than the Pines in a matter of minutes.”

“That’s right! Haldo knows these tunnels,” said Scarlet. She ran in silence for a minute or two. “What if . . .” she began.

“What if what?” asked Ruben.

“Well, what if whoever’s causing ...

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