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Run and Gun Lighting Resource: One-Light Solutions for Commercial and Portrait Photographers

Book Description

In Run and Gun: One-Light Solutions for Commercial and Portrait Photographers, photographer Nick Fancher discusses more than 20 one-light photo scenarios and setups for both portraits and product/commercial work, showing finished images as well lighting diagrams as he discusses each photograph. This ebook was written for the photographer who has just picked up a flash and has the ability to trigger it from somewhere other than the top of their camera. It does not cover the buttons and dials of your camera or flash, but instead Nick quickly and efficiently discusses different kinds of photographs you can accomplish with your newly acquired flash–images such as a portraits and product shots created with soft light, hard light, with a colored (gelled) fill light, and much more. Additionally, he covers using your flash to overpower the sun, as well as how to creatively use a slower shutter speed to create powerful aesthetic effects in your images. Finally, Nick shares a series of product shots he created as a self-assignment to further develop his own lighting, editing, and styling skills. After reading and working through Run and Gun, you'll be armed with ideas and techniques to head out and create similar images with your newly acquired flash.