Running Effective Meetings For Dummies

Book description

Turn meetings into the best part of your day with this actionable, step-by-step guide

Brainstorming meetings. Team meetings. Stakeholder meetings. Zoom meetings. Hybrid meetings. Most of us are part of more meetings than we can even count. And how many of these meetings are actually productive and valuable?

Running Effective Meetings For Dummies shows you how to plan, guide, and run a great meeting, whether you’re doing it face-to-face, fully virtual, or a combination of both. Authors Dr. Joseph Allen, industrial and organizational psychologist, and Emmy-award winning communications expert Karin Reed team up to walk you through the steps you need to take to make your next meeting your best one yet.

You’ll learn about:

  • The different kinds of meetings and what each is supposed to accomplish
  • How to prep for a great meeting and set the expectations of all the participants
  • How to be an effective leader by guiding discussion during the actual meeting itself
  • Effective follow-up and evaluation to keep your momentum and continually improve your meetings

Stop enduring meeting-fatigue and start making meetings the fun, productive, and engaging events they’re supposed to be. Grab a copy of Running Effective Meetings For Dummies today!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
    1. About This Book
    2. Foolish Assumptions
    3. Icons Used in This Book
    4. Beyond the Book
    5. Where to Go from Here
  5. Part 1: Understanding the Role of Meeting in Business
    1. Chapter 1: Making Meetings More Effective
      1. Understanding Why Meetings are Important
      2. Discovering Why Better Meetings Benefit Everyone
      3. Knowing What Kind of Meetings this Book is About
      4. Discovering Why Meetings are So Complex
      5. Running an Effective Group or Team
    2. Chapter 2: Matching the Meeting Style with the Meeting Goal
      1. Picking a Meeting Communication Style
      2. Managing the Meeting’s Formality
      3. Meshing with Meeting Culture Norms in Your Company
    3. Chapter 3: Understanding the Full Meeting Continuum
      1. Being the Architect of Your Meeting Design
      2. Facilitating a Productive Discussion
      3. Holding People (Including Yourself) Accountable
    4. Chapter 4: Choosing How You Should Meet
      1. Picking the Best Meeting Format
      2. Choosing the Meeting Space
      3. Timing it Right
    5. Chapter 5: Using Video in Virtual or Hybrid Meetings
      1. Understanding the Value of Video When Meeting
      2. Recognizing the Potential for Video Overload
      3. Setting a Video Policy for Your Team
    6. Chapter 6: Meeting with Global Participants
      1. Understanding Cultural Expectations
      2. Taking the Setting into Account
  6. Part 2: Setting Up for Success — What to do Before a Meeting
    1. Chapter 7: Determining if You Even Need a Meeting
      1. Knowing What Should be a Meeting
      2. Knowing What Shouldn’t be a Meeting
    2. Chapter 8: Designing the Meeting to Match Your Goals
      1. Choosing Your Format
      2. Creating a Comfortable Meeting Space
      3. Scheduling the Meeting
    3. Chapter 9: Setting Meeting Expectations
      1. Drafting an Agenda
      2. Leaning into Pre-Work
      3. Laying out Participation Ground Rules
  7. Part 3: Facilitating an Effective Meeting — What to do During a Meeting
    1. Chapter 10: Starting a Meeting
      1. Setting the Tone Just Before the Meeting
      2. Getting Off to a Good Start
    2. Chapter 11: Managing the Conversation Flow
      1. Keeping the Meeting on Track
      2. Using Communication Strategies to Drive Productive Dialogue
      3. Driving Discussion
      4. Managing a Brainstorming Session
      5. Leading Discussion Until Moment of Decision
    3. Chapter 12: Pulling Out Even Participation
      1. Ensuring Everyone’s Voice is Heard
      2. Validating Both Verbal and Nonverbal Participation
      3. Enlisting the Help of Others to Encourage Participation
    4. Chapter 13: Delivering Your Messages Effectively
      1. Simplifying Your Content
      2. Speaking With Impact
      3. Using Visual Aids
      4. Engaging in Humor During Your Meetings
    5. Chapter 14: Stifling Bad Meeting Behaviors
      1. Intervening When Dysfunctional Communication Occurs
      2. Keeping Counterproductive Meeting Behaviors At Bay
  8. Part 4: Making a Meeting Worthwhile — What to do after a Meeting
    1. Chapter 15: Following Up Effectively
      1. Creating and Recording an Action Plan
      2. Making the Meeting Materials Accessible
      3. Being Available for Quick Clarification
    2. Chapter 16: Evaluating Your Meeting Effectiveness
      1. Soliciting Feedback
      2. Using the Feedback
  9. Part 5: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 17: Ten Things to Say to Move a Meeting Along
      1. Killing Them with Kindness … and Moving On
      2. Rephrasing for Clarity
      3. Closing the Door
      4. Creating Order out of Chaos
      5. Naming the Elephant in the Room
      6. Being a Timekeeper
      7. Protecting the Wellness of Your Team
      8. Scheduling a New Conversation
      9. Putting it in the Parking Lot
      10. Using Team Code Words
    2. Chapter 18: Ten Alternatives to Meeting in a Conference Room
      1. Standing in the Conference Room
      2. Gathering Around the Water Cooler
      3. Meeting in Someone’s Office
      4. Doing an Offsite, Onsite
      5. Taking it Outside
      6. Walking and Talking
      7. Heading to a Coffee Shop
      8. Going to a Restaurant
      9. Holding a Virtual Reality Meeting
      10. Heading Down to the Railroad Tracks
    3. Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Bolster Participation
      1. Assigning Agenda Items to Other Attendees
      2. Setting and Sticking to Ground Rules
      3. Making Multitasking a No-no
      4. Getting People to do Stuff … Regularly
      5. Reading the Room
      6. Cold Calling with Good Intention
      7. Fostering a Speak-up Environment
      8. Using Chat
      9. Encouraging Webcam Use for All Remote Attendees
      10. Asking for Help
  10. Index
  11. About the Authors
  12. Connect with Dummies
  13. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Running Effective Meetings For Dummies
  • Author(s): Joseph A. Allen, Karin M. Reed
  • Release date: September 2022
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119875703