Linux Documentation Project Manuals

[x-100-3-igs] Linux Installation and Getting Started. Matt et. al Welsh.

[x-100-3-ug] Linux Users’ Guide. Larry Greenfield.

[x-100-3-sag] The Linux System Administrator’s Guide. Lars Wirzenius.

[x-100-3-nag] Linux Network Administrator’s Guide. Olaf Kirch. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-pg] Linux Programmer’s Guide. Sven Goldt, John D. Harper, Sven van der Meer, and Matt Welsh.

[x-100-3-khg] The Linux Kernel. David A. Rusling.

Unix and Unix Shells

[x-100-3-learnunix] Learning the Unix Operating System, Fourth Edition. Grace Todino, John Strang, and Jerry Peek. 1565920600. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-learnbash] Learning the bash Shell, Second Edition. Cameron Newham and Bill Rosenblatt. 156592147X. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-csh] Using csh and tcsh. Paul DuBois. 1565921321. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-sysvnutshell] Linux in a Nutshell, Second Edition. Ellen Siever and the Staff of O’Reilly & Associates. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-x3] Volume 3M: X Window System User’s Guide Motif Edition. Valerie Quercia and Tim O’Reilly. 1565920147. O’Reilly & Associates.

Applications and Technologies

[x-100-3-multimedia] Linux Multimedia Guide. Jeff Tranter. 1565922123. O’Reilly & Associates.

[x-100-3-rmsemacs] Emacs manual: Eleventh Edition, Version 19.29. Richard M. Stallman. Free Software Foundation.

[x-100-3-gnuemacs] Learning GNU Emacs, Second Edition. Debra Cameron and Bill Rosenblatt. 0937175846. O’Reilly & Associates.

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