Installing XFree86

The Linux binary distribution of XFree86 can be found on a number of FTP sites. On, it is found in the directory /pub/XFree86/; there you will find systems for Intel, m68k, PPC, and Alpha AXP in subdirectories. (At the time of this writing, the current version is; newer versions are released periodically).

It’s quite likely you obtained XFree86 as part of a Linux distribution, in which case downloading the software separately is not necessary. If you are downloading XFree86 directly, the following tables list the files in the XFree86- distribution.

One of the following servers is required (not all of those are available for all platforms, but all are available for Intel systems):

X8514.tgz Server for 8514-based boards
XAGX.tgz Server for AGX-based boards
XMa32.tgz Server for Mach32-based boards
XMa64.tgz Server for Mach64-based boards
XMa8.tgz Server for Mach8-based boards
XMono.tgz Server for monochrome video modes
XP9K.tgz Server for P9000-based boards
XS3.tgz Server for S3-based boards
XSVGA.tgz Server for Super VGA-based boards
XVG16.tgz Server for VGA/EGA-based boards (needed for XF86Setup)
XW32.tgz Server for ET4000/W32-based boards
X3DL.tgz Server for boards with 3Dlabs chipsets
XI128.tgz Server for I128-based boards

All of the following files are required:

Xbin.tgz The rest of the X11R6 binaries
Xcfg.tgz Configuration files for xdm and xinit
Xdoc.tgz Documentation ...

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