Moderation Configuration Variables

More of Slash’s configuration variables deal with moderation and meta-moderation than with any other aspect of the system. Site administrators have considerable power to fine-tune the moderation system by tweaking these variables.

Variables Governing User Karma and Comment Scores

The following variables control user karma levels and comment posting scores:

goodkarma and badkarma

Define levels at which karmic consequences occur. A user with karma below badkarma will experience a penalty of -1 on any new comments. She will not receive the +1-point boost for logging in and will post with a default score of 0 until her karma rises. A user with karma greater than goodkarma will receive the option of posting new comments with a +1 bonus. These comments will start with an initial moderation score of 2 instead of 1. The default value of badkarma is -10, and the default value of goodkarma is 25.

maxkarma and minkarma

Set the upper and lower bounds on karma values. The default range is -25 to 50.

comment_minscore and comment_maxscore

Define the lower and upper limits of comment scores, respectively. Slash ignores all attempts to moderate a comment past these bounds. The default range is -1 to 5.


The number of karma points a user gains each time one of his Story submissions is published. The default is 3.


Limits the number of downward moderations an IP address or user ID can accumulate within a three-day period. Users who exceed ...

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