Rust for Absolute Beginners: Learn Rust in 4 Hours

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Rust is a language that is made for the future. It brings in lessons from every single programming language of the last 30-40 years and puts forward a new way of writing memory-safe programs. Rust focuses on one thing: writing code that doesn’t crash and is memory-safe. It is a programmer’s dream as it helps you write safe code.

This course is for anyone and everyone looking to enter the world of Rust. You need to have zero programming experience to start learning with this course. You don’t need any background in computer science as well. The lectures are made with beginners in mind. The goal of this course is not to teach you everything that is there in Rust. That will take forever. Hence, the goal is to make you someone who has a solid understanding of the foundations of Rust.

By the end of the course, you can go out and progress in the world of Rust on your own.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming
  • Master all the basics of Rust programming
  • Develop problem-solving ability
  • Learn about memory management in Rust
  • Practical understanding of fundamentals of Rust
  • Build a simple project


This Rust course is meant for beginners who are not familiar with Rust syntax. Students who are looking for a quick refresher on the basics of Rust will also find this useful. Anyone with a passion to learn something new or anyone who is willing to work hard to learn a new programming language. This course is also for intermediate-level programmers who are looking to get a quick overview of Rust.

You need not have any prior programming experience to take up this course.

However, this course is probably not for you if you’re an expert programmer looking to learn advanced Rust concepts as this is designed for beginners.

About The Author

Ajay R. Warrier: Ajay Warrier is the founder of Bananas Academy, an independent game studio that makes educational games. He also teaches programming to more than 38,000 students from all over the world. He is a computer science engineer with a master’s degree in marketing. He has industry-level experience in game development (Godot), cross-platform mobile development (Flutter), and distributed applications (Ethereum Blockchain).

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Introduction
    1. Welcome to the World of Rust
    2. Prerequisites for the Course
    3. Goal of this Course
    4. Installing Rust and Setting Up Environment
    5. Introduction to Cargo
    6. Game On! Our First Rust Program
  2. Chapter 2 : Programming Fundamentals 1
    1. Let's Start Our Journey
    2. Code Block
    3. Introduction to Functions
    4. Macros
    5. Breaking Down Our First Crate/Package
    6. Cargo.toml and Cargo.lock
    7. Debug Versus Release
  3. Chapter 3 : Programming Fundamentals 2
    1. Introduction to Data Types
    2. Variables in Rust
    3. Data Types in Rust
    4. Variables and Data Types in Practice
    5. Different Ways of using Variables
    6. Mutability and Constants
    7. Booleans and Logical Operators
    8. Control Flow
    9. If, Else, and Else If
    10. Cool Way of Using Conditional Expressions
    11. Loops
    12. Break: Escaping Loops
    13. Functions
    14. Introduction to Structures
    15. Rust Standard Library
    16. Reading Input from the User
    17. Using Modules: Quick Tip
  4. Chapter 4 : Project: Calculator
    1. Project Introduction
    2. Reading Input from the User
    3. Performing Operations
    4. Adding Improvements to our Calculator
    5. Project Summary
  5. Chapter 5 : Memory Management in Rust
    1. Introduction to Ownership
    2. Stack
    3. Scope, Pointers, and Heap
    4. Ownership Rules in Rust
    5. Shallow and Deep Copy
    6. Ownership and Functions
  6. Chapter 6 : Programming Fundamentals 3
    1. Data Structures 1: Arrays
    2. Traversing Through Arrays
    3. Iterators and Arrays
    4. Data Structures 2: Tuples
    5. Data Structures 3: Vectors
    6. Data Structures 4: Structures
    7. Introduction to Enums
    8. Match Control Flow
    9. Introduction to Error Handling in Rust
    10. Recoverable Errors and the Result Enum
    11. Quick Throwback: Using Expect
    12. Some and None in Rust
    13. Data Structures 5: Hash Maps
    14. Never Ending Course

Product information

  • Title: Rust for Absolute Beginners: Learn Rust in 4 Hours
  • Author(s): Ajay R. Warrier
  • Release date: June 2021
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781801818179