How to do it...

Let's use rayon-rs some more in the following steps:

  1. Create a new project using cargo new concurrent-processing --lib and open it in Visual Studio Code.
  2. 2 First, we have to add rayon as a dependency by adding a few lines to Cargo.toml. Additionally, the rand crate and criterion for benchmarking will be useful later on, so let's add those as well and configure them appropriately:
[dependencies]rayon = "1.0.3"[dev-dependencies]criterion = "0.2.11"rand = "^0.5"[[bench]]name = "seq_vs_par"harness = false
  1. Since we are going to add a significant statistical error measure, that is, the sum of squared errors, open src/ In its sequential incarnation, we simply iterate over the predictions and their original value to find ...

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