RxJS in Action

Book description

RxJS in Action gives you the development skills you need to create reactive applications with RxJS. This book is full of theory and practical examples that build on each other and help you begin thinking in a reactive manner.

About the Technology

On the web, events and messages flow constantly between UI and server components. With RxJS, you can filter, merge, and transform these streams directly, opening the world of data flow programming to browser-based apps. This JavaScript implementation of the ReactiveX spec is perfect for on-the-fly tasks like autocomplete. Its asynchronous communication model makes concurrency much, much easier.

About the Book

RxJS in Action is your guide to building a reactive web UI using RxJS. You'll begin with an intro to stream-based programming as you explore the power of RxJS through practical examples. With the core concepts in hand, you'll tackle production techniques like error handling, unit testing, and interacting with frameworks like React and Redux. And because RxJS builds on ideas from the world of functional programming, you'll even pick up some key FP concepts along the way.

What's Inside
  • Building clean, declarative, fault-tolerant applications
  • Transforming and composing streams
  • Taming asynchronous processes
  • Integrating streams with third-party libraries
  • Covers RxJS 5

About the Reader

This book is suitable for readers comfortable with JavaScript and standard web application architectures.

About the Authors

Paul P. Daniels is a professional software engineer with experience in .NET, Java, and JavaScript. Luis Atencio is a software engineer working daily with Java, PHP, and JavaScript platforms, and author of Manning's Functional Programming in JavaScript.

Important information you need to know in order to become an effective reactive programmer.
- From the Foreword by Ben Lesh, Project lead, RxJS 5

Covers the subject thoroughly and with great accessibility.
- Corinna Cohn, Fusion Alliance

All you need to really understand streaming!
- Carlos Corutto, Globant

Learn to leverage the power of RxJS to build a reactive and resilient foundation for your applications.
- Thomas Peklak, Emakina CEE

Product information

  • Title: RxJS in Action
  • Author(s): Luis Atencio, Paul Daniels
  • Release date: September 2017
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781617293412