Chapter 5. Additional Topics 45
3390-2 OS39PA A83 DB2
3390-2 OS3PAA A84 Transaction Server (CICS)
3390-1 WORK01 A90 Work (storage) volume
3390-1 WORK02 A91 Work (storage) volume
3390-1 WORK03 A92 Work (storage) volume
(about 12 GB still available)
Since the CD-ROM drive and the second hard disk cannot be installed at the same time, it
was necessary to stage volumes from the AD CD-ROMs. That is, we unzipped and
converted (using ckdconvaws) OS39DA, OS3DAA, OS3DAB, OS39PA, and OS3PAA onto the
first hard drive (mount point /s390).
The process of unzipping and installing a volume from
an AD CD-ROM system is described in Installation tasks on page 24. We then shut down
Linux, removed the CD-ROM drive and installed the second hard disk, and rebooted Linux.
We then copied the appropriate files to the second disk (mount point /s391):
$ cp /s390/OS39DA /s391/OS39DA
$ cp /s390/OS3DAA /s391/OS3DAA
$ cp /s390/OS3DAB /s391/OS3DAB
$ cp /s390/OS39PA /s391/OS39PA
$ cp /s390/OS3PAA /s391/OS3PAA
$ rm /s390/OS39DA
$ rm /s390/OS3DAA
$ rm /s390/OS3DAB
$ rm /s390/OS39PA
$ rm /s390/OS3PAB
The three work volumes are not part of the AD system. We created them with the ckdfmt
$ ckdfmt -n /s391/WORK01 3390-1
$ ckdfmt -n /s391/WORK02 3390-1
$ ckdfmt -n /s391/WORK03 3390-1
5.5.4 Alternative method
We described using two FLEX-ES definition files as a way to deal with a second hard disk
drive that is not always present. An alternative is to use a single FLEX-ES resources
definition file that specifies all the emulated S/390 drives on the second hard disk as
OFFLINE. Two startup shell scripts would be used. One (for use when both hard disks are
present) would contain a series of FLEX-ES mount commands to, in effect, bring the volumes
on the second hard disk online.
5.6 FLEX-ES FakeTape on OS/390
emulates tape devices using Linux disk files instead of tape drives. Provided the
appropriate tape devices are defined in the OS/390 IODF configuration data set, FakeTape
will emulate any type of tape drive from 3420 to 3490-E. Because FakeTape always writes
and reads the same format to/from Linux, it operates at the same speed for all different
emulated tape device types. We ran several tape jobs using IEBGENER, IEBCOPY and
DFDSS and they all performed well. Our definitions included a 3480 tape drive at address
This is one of the jobs we executed:
We elected not to restore the other AD volumes containing IMS and WebSphere components.
FakeTape is a trademark of Fundamental Software, Incorporated.

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