Safari Books Online Webcast: Microsoft Excel 2010 In Depth

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Legendary Excel expert Bill Jelen provides solutions to the problems Excel users run into every day -- problems that are often ignored or oversimplified. Learn how to streamline your work with Excel 2010 and get more done in less time. Did you know that multiple users can actually edit a spreadsheet simultaneously using Excel Web App? Learn breakthrough techniques and exclusive shortcuts from the mastermind behind the leading Excel solutions website This 60-minute webcast is for everyone who wants to get the most out of Excel 2010, from casual users to corporate professionals. Jelen will cover many facets of working with Excel 2010 such as Slicer, which offers dynamic filtering of PivotTables; Sparklines, which adds data visualization to any cell; Calculation engine which improves the speed and accuracy of math, financial, and statistical functions; and the new version of Solver. Other topics include: - Updated Ribbon interface - Breakthrough collaboration - Improved business intelligence Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your Excel skills with Bill Jelen, aka Mr. Excel, an Excel MVP and the principal behind the leading Excel website,

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  • Title: Safari Books Online Webcast: Microsoft Excel 2010 In Depth
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  • Release date: August 2012
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