Chapter 7

Dealing with Paperwork from Your Suppliers

In This Chapter

  • Getting and posting bills
  • Entering credit notes
  • Recording supplier payments
  • Sending remittance advice notes

You probably receive lots of invoices from your suppliers, so you need to put systems in place to help you easily locate those invoices if required. Sometimes Sage contains enough detail to answer a query about an invoice, but on some occasions you may need to pull the actual invoice out of the file.

As you process each invoice, Sage allocates it a sequential number. Use this sequential number as a reference, so you can always track down an invoice quickly and easily.

Receiving and Posting Invoices

You need a good system for capturing all the purchase invoices that come into your business, so you pay your bills on time and you can continue doing business. Two steps are involved in making sure this gets done: Receiving the invoices properly and posting the invoices.

Setting up your receiving system


Send all invoices to one person or department (depending on the size of the business). You don't want lots of different people receiving your invoices, as more people means more chance of invoices getting misplaced or entered incorrectly.

Enter invoices on to the accounting system as soon as possible after you receive them so the liability is recorded in the business accounts. Depending on the size of the business, ...

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