Chapter 11

Processing Purchase Orders

In This Chapter

  • Making up a purchase order
  • Giving goods on order status
  • Finishing the purchase order process
  • Accepting delivery of goods against your order
  • Generating an invoice
  • Cancelling and deleting purchase orders

If you have Accounts Professional, Sage helps you process your purchase orders. If you don't have this version of Sage, you can skip this chapter.

You raise purchase orders for goods that you place on order with your suppliers. The purchase order processing (POP) system is directly linked to other parts of Sage: The system updates stock records and project records if you use these functions of Sage.

In this chapter, I cover the various stages that a purchase order goes through.

Creating, Changing, and Copying a Purchase Order

When you order supplies, materials, widgets, or similar, you need to create a paper trail – or at least an electronic trail – that you can send to your supplier to tell them what you need, how much of it you need, when you need it, and for what price. This paper trail is called a purchase order, or PO. Sage Accounts Professional has the perfect process for conveying this information.

Creating a purchase order

Creating a purchase order in Sage consists of completing the information Sage requests in four tabs:

  1. From the Navigation bar, click Purchase orders.

    A window appears listing all of the purchase orders. Click the New icon to open a blank purchase order.

  2. Fill in the information requested in the Details ...

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