Chapter 6

Invoicing Your Customers

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing an invoice type

arrow Setting up product and service invoices

arrow Printing, updating and deleting invoices

arrow Amending your defaults

You can generate invoices directly from your Sage accounting software, which means that you can streamline your paperwork process by printing invoices quickly. This feature means that you’ve more time to make more money for your business – or more time to take a break from making money for your business.

remember.eps Sage is an integrated system, which means that when you produce a sales invoice, the system automatically updates the nominal ledger and the customer account, along with your stock system (if you’re using one).

Deciding on an Invoice Type

Depending on the type of business you run, you issue mainly one of two types of invoices:

  • Product invoices: Used for businesses that sell physical items – cards, widgets and what-have-yous. A manufacturing company issues product invoices, using product codes.
  • Service ...

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