Chapter 6

Preparing and Sending Bills

In This Chapter

arrow Examining the bill cycle

arrow Reviewing and correcting billing information

arrow Generating and approving bills

arrow Reprinting bills

arrow Undoing approved bills

arrow Sending bills

Entering slips and transactions, as described in Chapters 4 and 5, forms the foundation for the information that appears on client bills. In this chapter, we explore exactly how to prepare bills in Sage Timeslips.

But first, let’s talk a little terminology. Timeslips uses the terms bill and invoice pretty much interchangeably to refer to a document that displays new charges that your client hasn’t seen yet, similar to the bill you receive for a credit card. Any unpaid balance appears on a Timeslips bill as a single line, again, the same way it would appear on a credit card bill. You also can prepare statements in Timeslips, which lists single-line total amounts for invoices you’ve ...

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