Chapter 13

Making Reports Work for You

In This Chapter

arrow Examining the types of reports

arrow Controlling report content

arrow Printing reports

Reporting is a big part of any business. You can use Timeslips reports to view information about your clients and track the money they owe you and the money they’ve paid you. You also can print reports about your timekeepers, including information on the slips they’ve recorded and the way they’ve spent their time.

In this chapter, you focus on how to set up a report to view the information you need. You can sort information on reports and, in some cases, subtotal the information. You can also filter reports to limit the information that appears on them. In many cases, you can set report-specific options. You also can print reports to a variety of mediums: your display, any printer available to your computer, and a variety of file types, including .PDF files.

Bills are considered reports in Timeslips, so I use bills as examples in many places throughout this chapter.

remember.eps Everything in this chapter applies to both text-format reports and graph-format reports. ...

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