Chapter 15

Keeping Your House Safe

In This Chapter

arrow Verifying data

arrow Backing up and restoring a database

arrow Turning on security

arrow Tracking actions in the database

arrow Using Station Administrator to resolve problems

After you get information into your database, you should implement some safeguards to ensure that you haven’t wasted your time. In this chapter, you learn how to

  • Verify that your database contains valid data
  • Back up (and restore, knock on wood) your database
  • Use security in Timeslips to ensure that only those who should be looking at your data can look at your data
  • Use the Timeslips Audit Trail feature to track who has done what in your database
  • Use the Station Administrator tool to diagnose and resolve configuration issues

Most of the tools described in this chapter are used by those who administer the Timeslips environment.

Making Sure Your Data Is Valid

As you work in Timeslips on a day-to-day basis, errors can creep into your Timeslips database. These errors might not be apparent ...

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